Tavaziva/Propeller, Young Warriors

Young Warriors, a piece created by two inspiring Tavaziva dancers and eleven powerful young people. This choreography was not just about displaying the strength in the children/young adults that we are, but about the knowledge that our strength will grow as we do, that the future is ours.

I believe that, on a general note, the three audiences of Young Warriors needed to see this. They, mostly as adults, needed to see how much a young person’s voice can be heard just as loudly as any adult on a soapbox. We became not only physical warriors- in black skirts and head-dresses- for those rehearsals, tech runs and performances, but warriors striving for growth and strength.

We worked as a unit. Although the piece combined solos, duets, trios and unison, our relationship was unity. A tribe of Young Warriors.

Young Warriors was choreographed and developed over one unforgettable weekend. Our ‘mentors’- Yaa Appiah-Badu and Luke Crook- challenged us to find the vitality and enjoyment in the movement. None of us had any experience in African dance before. Over the course of 12 hours, Yaa and Luke were able to teach us that it’s not about being a replica, it’s about, “finding your own groove“.

This workshop opened my eyes to completely different ways of moving that I wouldn’t have discovered anywhere else.


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