Tavaziva, Izindava.

Tavaziva are a bewitching blend of African, Ballet and Contemporary dance, and an extraordinary watch. If ever you need to feel empowered, impassioned and exhausted, Tavaziva is the monumental motivator you’re looking for.

I watched Tavaziva’s Izindava in October 2017 at AMATA Falmouth. I have to say, the performance was so touching it has been embedded in my mind ever since.

‘It is not about fear, it is about strength and humanity.’ quite rightly, the company claims. The dancers physicalise this to such an intensity, the message of peace becomes a plea. Through the strength and vulnerability of each movement, the dancers portray human so truthfully. This piece strummed the guilt strings that each of us bare, from forgetting to recycle to baring politically unattractive ancestry.

Dancing as both ‘ The Beast’ and the victim, the company channelled the elementary components of each beautifully. ‘Beast’ with piercing, dictating strength, yet no real dignity or self. Victims as warriors, united and purposeful. And still, there is beauty in all movements, even with the characterisations.

‘The Beast’ (costume as shown in feature picture) made a lasting impression on me personally, hearing the great slap of it’s extended arm on the ground rang of the truth of not just our personal beasts but of the powerful beasts who run the world. There is very little that is done for the sake of the people. Only art does this now.

Feature Image courtesy of Tavaziva Dance Company, all rights belong to the company.


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